Our story

How we became Rugby Tackling Life

… and how the project developed, you can find out here. We would love to give you an insight into our story.

Our story

Rugby Tackling Life. We are a group of women from Uganda, the USA and Germany. We love Rugby. We want to spread the love about the game to enrich the lives of many girls.  We founded Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda initially as a CBO in 2016. We have been registered as an NGO since 2018. Currently we play Rugby with 2000 girls and young women in Uganda.

Why Rugby?

Rugby ist eine der bedeutendsten Sportarten in Uganda und begeistert die Menschen in allen Regionen des Landes. Rugby Tackling Life hat sich diese Bedeutung zu Nutze gemacht, um speziell Mädchen und Frauen zu fördern, die diese Sportart ausüben. In diesem Rahmen können wir sie dazu ermutigen und darin unterstützen, ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu führen.

That’s why!

Rugby creates an optimistic team atmosphere which conveys trust and support and allows to talk about sensitive topics, for example, sexual violence and reproductive health. At Rugby Tackling Life we feel responsible for our girls and young women to inform them about alternative ways of life. The project aims at our female player but we do not exclude boys and men.

Who we are…

Rugby Tackling Life Dr. Irene Namapii
Dr. Irene Namapii

President of the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda

Rugby Tackling Life Annekatrin Els Network support Germany and business owner of COOFFEEE and Fabulous Uganda
Annekatrin Els

Business development & business owner of COOFFEEE & Fabulous Uganda in Germany

Rugby Tackling Life Christina Gein Network support US
Christina Gein

Network support USA for the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda

Rugby Tackling Life Helen Koyokoyo Buteme Rugby development and treasurer
Helen Koyokoyo Buteme

Rugby development & treasurer for the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda

Rugby Tackling Life Kathryn Elizabeth Wandicho Network support US
Kathryn Wandicho

Netzwerkunterstützerin in den USA für die NGO Rugby Tackling Life

And who we are working with.

Wir begrüßen Partnerschaften mit anderen Organisationen und haben bisher mit den folgenden zusammengearbeitet:

Uganda Marathon
ASHWA Uganda