Our motivation

Why this project is so close to our hearts

… because we love Rugby.

Why Rugby Tackling Life?

We live empowerment. We were all allowed to go to school, uni and chose our jobs ourselves. We can marry who we want, decide whether and how many children we would like to have, whether we dress in trousers or skirts. We do not define the role the girls want to play in society, but we inform them about alternatives to the traditional way which means digging in the fields and “producing” babies. Unless this is exactly what a woman wants.

Our mission is

… to empower girls and young women through Rugby in Uganda . With the sport we can teach the girls to make informed decisions that allow them to lead a happy life which also benefits their communities.

Our vision is

… that all sexes are treated equally. We welcome partnerships with organisation with the same goals.

Our values are

… integrity, respect, empathy, selflessness, commitment, discipline, passion, tenacity, optimism and teamwork.

How does Rugby help the girls to take control over their lives?

We want to empower all girls and young women in all regions of Uganda to make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on their own lives, as well as, on the lives of the people in the community.


Rugby is not only the best sport in the world, it is also a great tool for social change. We introduce Rugby into regions where people have never seen a Rugby ball and improve the technical knowledge in regions where Rugby is already played. The girls get more opportunities to play in tournaments, improve their Rugby skills and several players go on to play for the Uganda women’s national team and thus become a source of inspiration for other girls in their home region.


68% of the children in Uganda do not even finish primary school. Hence many leave school without a basic knowledge in writing, reading and maths. The children therefore also do not learn much about interpersonal skills. Besides the sport, we also include Life Skills Education into our project.


Rugby Tackling Life stands for a healthy way of life, encourages the girls to finish school and to work towards independence. We do not define their roles in society but we show them alternatives so that they have a chance to make informed decisions about their lives; we bring eduction to the Rugby pitch. Even though we focus on girls and young women we do not exclude boys and young men. If empowerment is to work everyone in the society needs to be part of it.

What we want to achieve?


To empower girls and young women in Uganda through the integration of education into the sport and the activities around it.


To play Rugby with girls and young women in all regions of Uganda.


To improve the standard of live of the girls and young women and their communities through the sport.


To enrich girls’ and young women’s welfare, to expand their knowledge of possibilities and choices for them to become holistic individuals.


To ensure that the girls and young women reach their full potentional both on and off the Rugby pitch.


To encourage that girls finish school and have access to further academic and vocational training opportunities.