About Uganda

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa…

… and home to many cultures.

Rugby Tackling Life Fabulous Uganda Photos by Andre Boettcher

What makes Uganda that fabulous?

There is always summer in Uganda – no matter which month you want to travel, the sun will shine for you.


The Republic of Uganda is landlocked country in East Africa. It borders South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The climate is tropical warm. The country has a size of  240,000 km² and is home to  44 million people. The capital is Kampala. English is the official language. There are 40 other languages that are spoken by the 56 tribes. There are several religions in Uganda. The national holiday is October 09th. In 1962, Uganda won its independence on this day. The head of state is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He has been in power since 1986.


There are only few countries that offer you such a vast variety of landscapes with glaciers, tropical forests, savannah and deserts. 15% of the country is covered by lakes. The biggest one is Lake Victoria and with its size (68,800 km²) it is also the 2nd biggest fresh water lake worldwide. The highest peak is Mt. Stanley in the Rwenzoris (=Moutains of the Moon) with 5,109 metres. You can also find the “source of the Nile” in Uganda, and, and, and…


Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa and always a little adventure, too. At the bottom of the Virunga Volcanos, the Lakes Albert, George and Edward offer you amazing go to spots for your safari. You need to do a boat safari on Kazinga Channel. Here you will find the densest population of hippos worldwide. Uganda is also home to the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and many other endemic species which you can still find here in their natuaral habitat; the national parks. There are several must-see national parks and wild rerserves, fabulous people, amazing food and a lot of sun that warms your soul.