But first COOFFEEE…

… … each day begins with a fine cup of COOFFEEE or two..

Sei ein Teil von uns!

When you buy COOFFEEE you are directly contributing to our success. As NGO, Rugby Tackling Life, we strive towards supporting our Rugby playing girls and young women in Uganda with their daily challenges in life and in the sport.

How it all started…

2015 trafen sich Anne (verantwortlich für COOFFEEE) und Andreas von Great Lakes Coffee in Uganda. Sie sprachen über Rugby Tackling Life und ob Andreas daran interessiert ist, einen Kaffee zu entwickeln, dessen Gewinn Rugby Tackling Life finanziert. “Alles was ich tun kann, um Frauen in Uganda zu empowern, unterstütze ich sehr gerne.”, war seine Antwort. Gesagt, getan.

Our Cooffeee

This unique 100% Arabica blend is sourced from all corners of Uganda to create a full-bodied, chocolate taste. The coffee farmers, that grow COOFFEEE are as engaged and passionate about achieving the best quality – as we are with Rugby Tackling Life to reach our goals.


Great Lakes Coffee Uganda Ltd operates its own sustainability model. The focus is on price transparency, quality and traceability to produce higher volumes and better quality coffee. This results in higher profits, incomes and improved standards of living for the coffee farmer. Perfect!

Origin & roastery

Most of COOFFEEE grows in Western Uganda. At the slopes of the spectacular Mountains of the Moon COOFFEEE beans catch the sunlight. (You can find more about the Mountains of the Moon on our Fabulous Uganda page).

COOFFEEE is either roasted by Great Lakes Cofffee Uganda Ltd in Uganda or by Tribe Coffee Roaster on Cyprus. This solely depends where you live and how we can get the order to your as swift as possible.

Why you should buy COOFFEE?

Doing good has never tasted finer.


Of each sold bag we donate 3 Euro to the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda.


Travel to Fabulous Uganda. We organise it for you. Of each safari you book, 50 Euro will be donated to the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda.


We will be very grateful for donations towards the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda. As soon as the donation page is up we will let you know.