Rugby Tackling Life

We play Rugby. With girls in Uganda. We are Rugby Tackling Life.

Rugby Tackling Life Girls who play Rugby

Nice to have you here.

We would like to show you, how you can make a huge contribution to a significant project in Uganda. This project allows 2000 girls to play Rugby and to partly finance their education.

Why you would like to be a part of us? Because you can.

You are educated, have a roof over your head, can pay your bills, travel around the world, buy whatever you feel like, chose the job you like; you are in charge of your life.

Right now you are making the decision how successful Rugby Tackling Life is going to be. We are only as good as our team and our team includes you.

Become part of our team.


Rugby Tackling Life is an NGO in Uganda. Our mission is to empower girls and young women in Uganda through Rugby.


Travel to Fabulous Uganda. We organise your safari for you. Of each safari 50 Euro are donated to the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda.


Best, Ugandan coffee, that we sell through our online shop. Of each bag 3 Euro are donated to the NGO Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda.

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